IBM Social Business - Trials and Demos Redesign

IBM's Social Business team needed a refresh of their Trials and Demos page. 

As always, begin with research

I began by looking into the current information architecture of the page, pain points and key points of intended traction.

To begin, one of the biggest problems with the page was the disconnect between the page's key offering - the trials and the demos. Both content types were interspersed on the page without a clear differentiator of space, color or notable distinction. Everything felt of equal weight. As a result, the page was not reaching it's intended audience in an effective enough manner.

Secondly, IBM was trying to attach another platform on the same page as the rest of their content - "Greenhouse" (you can see it in the upper righthand corner of the page). From an engagement and click through stance, this piggybacked item was not successfully intermixed with the rest of the page. It clearly was a point of importance, and a business opportunity that IBM wanted to highlight, but it needed either a more appropriate environment to showcase it's utility or a dedicated page onto itself. 

Thirdly, there was little to no visual hierarchy to indicate what was the key offering or objective the page holds. 

Below is the old page prior to my redesign

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The Redesign that went live (below)

As you see below, I reorganized the categories of content - Trials and Demos, into their own clearly distinguishable sections. Furthermore, we removed the "Try tools for free in Greenhouse" offer as it was getting in the way of showcasing the page's core objectives. Finally, by creating a visual hierarchy with a clear headline and call to action on top, we were able to build in a featured section that allowed the Social Business team to highlight a Trial or Demo of their choice for the week.