Thoughts on Physical Computing's Greatest Hits

Video mirrors and body-as-cursor/hand-as-cursor projects have been the most noticeable, prevalent public demonstrations of physical computing in application. Whether it is with the frequent use of the iPhone or iPad using multi-touch interfaces, or through the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox Kinect, these tools are prevalent in our society. Their applied use also ranges from interactive store-front displays where you can walk past a window and engage in a interactive/playful manner with a brand, to seeing gestural hand as cursor concepts displayed in films depicting the future (ex. Minority Report). The body-as-cursor work displayed in Younghyun Chung’s Digital Wheel Art is a really amazing application of this technology. It enables those who are disabled and with limited range of motion to become incredibly expressive artists via intuitive, gestural movements. This seems to be an amazing blend of art, interactivity and applied use that is incredibly beneficial to all artists. As a painter, I have always been inspired by new forms of mark making, and this digital interface allows for a beautifully nuanced form of gestural expression.