Karma Voodoo (Midterm project proposal)

Voodoo Bear


1. Start from a CONCEPT

I. Bill of materials II. Preliminary budget III. Brief (due first week) IV. Timeline (due first week) V. Diagram, technical or not (due first week)


I. Bill of materials

  1. Teddy bear
  2. Emic 2 Text to Speech module
  3. Arduino
  4. 4 force resistor
  5. Speaker
  6. Magnet Sensor
  7. Proximity Sensor
  8. Wires
  9. Breadboard
  10. Hammer/Stick
  11. iPad (temporary)
  12. TTL Cable for IOS

II. Preliminary budget

Emic 2 Text to Speech module









TTL Cable for IOS



Teddy Bear









Force Resistor






Magnet Sensor



Proximity Sensor





// Other Ideas and things to check for

- We might use other parts, velcro, resistors, sewing threads, etc. - We have to consider the installation: where we will put the bear, how we will label it, if we are printing instructions (for the gestures) or we are using the iPad for that.


III. Brief (due first week)

A voodoo doll is an object that takes pain, and in turns it inflicts the same pain to somebody else. The voodoo doll is essentially a transducer, taking input from one source and transforming its energy into a different form, and the traditional concept of a voodoo doll is that it is an evil toy. A Teddy bear is the exact opposite, a toy that has an overwhelmingly positive connotation, representing love, care and friendship.

We take advantage of the symbolism in both, and based on the principle of transducing, we are using the voodoo bear as the medium for generating an interactive experience between a network of users.

// Other Ideas

Facebook is applicable to our concept. Friending someone is more intimate than following. There is a trust factor with friending someone. This trust element is something that we can play with via the actions that the users take, either positive or negative. The stock response the bear will say when idle is “friend me.” Or perhaps, “i’m a friendly bear, would you friend me?”

- Different tools represent different kinds of (emotion) exchange - We can keep record (and then display) of the amount of people that choose to hurt or care

// Possible interactions:

  • Hugging
  • Hammering
  • Pricking
  • Combing / brushing

Proposed system interaction

The bear is calling people to interact with it OR the Bear will start talking once the user starts typing in the iPad; distance is detected using the proximity sensor.

Bear will start talking when the participant is nearby; distance is detected using the proximity sensor.

For the next step in the experience, the user approaches the bear installation, and agrees to friend the application on Facebook, through the iPad provided for that purpose connected to the Arduino through the TTL Cable for iOS.

User then approaches the Bear. There will be a selection of tools and a variety of gesture instructions that elicit corresponding response affording friendly and unfriendly interactions: a hammer, pins, a hair brush, a hug, a pat.

According to the interaction, different responses come from the Bear, either positive or negative, in the form of read aloud posts to the user’s Facebook wall, without the user yet knowing that.

Audio Messages & Feedback

“You’re fugly” “If you keep hurting me I’m going to tell people” “I’m on Facebook, friend me” “Friend me.” “I’m a friendly bear, would you friend me?”


IV. Timeline (due first week)

Week 6 - Concept presentations - 10/22/12 - bill of materials - preliminary budget - brief (due first week) - timeline (due first week) - diagram, technical or not - Order Materials

Week 7 - Playtest reports and questions - 10/29/12 - Prototype - User testing - Prepare a list of questions you want to answer with the playtest

Week 8  - Final plan presentations - 11/5/12 - Revise project plan and description based on what we’ve learned from our playtest

Week 9 - Project working demonstrations - 11/12/12 - Final Project Due


V. Diagram, technical or not (due first week)