ITP Travels (Project Proposal)

ITP is an inherently diverse place. We come from all over the world and are attracted to the unknown, to adventure and to exploration. As a result of our geographic and personal diversity, I am interested in building an travel directory for the student body. For example, say I want to visit parts of South America. I know off hand that there are several current students, let alone alums, from that region, but I don't know specifically if their interests match up with mine. By creating a database that contains the interests and places of origin of our collective travels, we can filter recommendations specifically tailored to our interests and might discover that there are mini-travel guides or experts waiting to contribute to our next adventure.

Furthermore, the network could potentially be visualized by an a map that geo-tags the places we're from, the places we've visited and love and links to potential recommended attractions.


itpTravels = { 'Name' : 'Colin Narver', 'From' : 'Seattle', 'Primary language spoken' : 'English', 'Can speak some...' : ['French', 'Italian'], 'Age' : '27', 'Favorite_countries_visited' : ['Vietnam', 'Italy', 'Taiwan', 'France', 'Scotland', 'Switzerland'], 'Favorite_cities_visited' : ['Hanoi', 'Ho Chi Minh', 'Taipei', 'Nice', 'Edinburgh', 'Interlocken', 'Cinque Terre', 'Venice'], 'I_know_most_about' : ['Hiking', 'Beer', 'Hostels', 'Beaches', 'Cheap Sightseeing'], 'Countries_I_want_to_visit' : ['South Africa', 'Mongolia', 'Russia', 'Morocco', 'Argentina', 'Chile'], 'Cities_I_want_to_visit' : ['Johannesburg', 'St. Petersburg', 'Marakesh', 'Santiago']